666 Breath of Lucifer's Grail

This breath is somewhat advanced and works to connect the male and female aspects of the grail. This is very important for the Magnum Opus. One should already be competent with breathing exercises and in working with energy.

1. Breathe in through your base chakra to your solar [666] chakra.

2. Hold your breath as long as you can, comfortably, and focus on your 6th chakra/pineal gland. You should feel a bit of pressure on the 6th chakra.

3. Exhale, and repeat for as many rounds as is comfortable.

What this does: this breathing exercise connects the all-important pineal gland/6th chakra [female aspect] to the 666 solar chakra [male aspect]. A powerful energy link must be established between these two chakras in order to perform the Magnum Opus.

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