Aura Empowering Meditation

This meditation is excellent for extra energy when done regularly. It is quite powerful and builds over time. This meditation can also be done outside; drawing in energy form the Sun. This seriously amplifies the energy.

1. Enter into a trance state, the deeper the better and begin by cleaning your aura and chakras.

2. Breathe energy in for six breaths, visualizing a brilliant white-gold light surrounding your entire head, both inside and out, down to your neck. Then relax and focus on feeling and visualize this energy for around five minutes. This can be done while listening to music as this also helps with timing. After this, breathe in energy and charge up your crown, third eye and your sixth chakra behind your third eye by visualizing an even brighter light on each of these chakras.

3. Now move to your neck and do the same. Breathe in energy for six breaths and charge up your throat chakra.

4. Move to your shoulders and charge them up as you did with the other chakras, breathing energy in for six breaths and then relaxing and focusing upon it for five minutes.
There are lesser chakras in all of the joints. Move down your arms and do the same with your elbows, then wrists. The elbows and wrists contain minor chakras as well and by charging up and empowering these; you open yourself up for a better energy flow. Now move down to your hands and visualize either white-gold balls of energy in your palms. Concentrate and relax on this bright light lighting up your arms and hands for several minutes.

5. Now, move to your torso, do the same, and charge up your heart, solar, sexual and base chakras with the brilliant energy. Concentrate for several minutes on this.

6. Move to your hips and charge up the chakras in your hips with the energy and then your thighs and knees. The knees contain small chakras as well. Move to your ankles, charge up the chakras there and then to your feet. Visualize two balls of brilliant white-gold light beneath your feet, like you did with your hands.

This exercise should not be done before bedtime as the energy can keep you awake.

For healing, after completing the above, just focus and place the light/energy onto the unhealthy body part for 10-15 minutes. If you are doing any healing, this must be done every day and never skip a day or progress could rebound.



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