The Present

All of life is largely related to the past and the future. The mind tends to dwell on the past and the future. Dreams, aspirations or past events, commonly are taking space in our minds.

We relieve ourselves and increase our understanding when we also focus on the present.

In contrast with people and outsiders who always dwell on the past and on the future, we Spiritual Satanists must be also aware of the present time, the present moment, the present era.

Only when the present is understood, the balance between the past and the future does become established.

When one knows the power of Now, they will know the power of the Future and the influence of the Past. Just by knowing now, that will suffice.

You will be joyous if you focus on the present.



“Lord Azazel,

Show me the power of stillness,

So that I may observe the present,

Which is the mother of the Great Silence.”

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