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Camio foretells the future. He also teaches how to communicate with animals. He can reveal the mysteries and secrets of other worlds and is an expert on hydromancy [divination by water]. He is good at argument and answers questions in burning ashes or coals of fire.
Camio is well built and covered with gold dust. His wings have gold bands on them and he wears a lot of gold jewelry. He leaves trails of gold dust when he flies. He has a powerful golden aura, and he can fly very fast. He exploded in gold dust and flew up through the ceiling.

Cimeries is also known as the Egyptian God "Khepera" "Kheperi" "Khepri" "Kheprer" and "Chepera"
*He stated to a disciple that he prefers to be addressed as "Khepu"

Cimeries bestows strength in spirit and confers much courage; he makes one heroic in battle, teaches literature and finds anything that is lost. He teaches grammar, logic, and rhetoric and is the patron of soldiers and military personnel. He also discovers buried treasure.
He has beautiful shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and is well built. He is a very handsome God with a wide wingspan. His wings are golden, and he is covered with golden glitter.


Crocell teaches mysticism, geometry, art, history and all of the liberal sciences. She can produce great noises and cause great commotions. She can also bring confusion and indecisiveness to one's enemies. She warms waters and discovers baths. She appears with long flowing blonde hair and a blue dress with large blue wings.


He can produce hallucinations. He reveals the innermost thoughts and desires of others and can influence another’s mind without their knowledge. He knows all human thoughts and can change them at will. He incites love between men and women, and teaches all the arts and sciences. He can show a vision of the likeness of any person.
Dantalian has a blue aura. He usually departs through the ceiling. He can assist in achieving altered states.


DECARABIA aka ABRAXAS/ABRASAX or the Egyptian God Khonsu

He knows all of the properties of and the powers of plants and stones, and provides birds as familiars. Decarabia is Abraxas. He has short curly black hair with fair skin and black wings with red stripes. He has a blue aura that gives off a lot of heat.

“Abraxas or Abrasax respectively is very powerful, friendly and is a most mystical Demon. He is very friendly and has showed many times his love and care for Dedicated Satanists who follow Him. Abraxas appears in form as a medium built most beautiful man, sometimes holding a scepter, wearing a tunic, with medium sized black hair with golden undertones that appear almost as golden hair and a white skin. His mysteries related to the foundation of the universe itself. In every Ancient tradition, he was worshiped and his Name was considered a knowledge that was only revealed to initiates, as part of a top secret initiation based knowledge. The secret behind his name ABRASAX is one of the great mysteries.”

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

For More Advanced Information About Abraxas Click Here.


He is also known as "ABIGOR" *SEE High Ranking Demons and Crown Princes of Hell

He grants favor in court cases and legal affairs, and helps to attract business and financial success. He creates love and lust and causes war and marshals armies. He helps in discovering hidden things.


Haures discerns past, present, and future. She destroys and burns enemies of the mage and kills men by fire and protects the mage against other spirits. She knows all secrets and will bring harm to one's foes. Haures is female. Her golden hair can turn to blood red. She has large eyes that match her hair. There is no white in them at all. She is a beautiful Demoness. She is very fair skinned with long legs and is thinly built. She is rather calm and quiet, and she floats on the air. She appeared without wings.

*SEE High Ranking Gods and Crowned Princes of Hell
"Focalor" is an anagram for Rofocale.

He has power over the winds and the sea and causes ships to sink and cause death by drowning. He will not hurt anyone or anything, if asked not to. He appears as bald, with a robe that has bright shining silver and gold highlights. His wings when he shows them are covered with glitter like his robe. Lucifius Focalor is patient, polite, and soft spoken. He is rather quiet and has a slight accent.
– High Priestess Maxine


He can make one charismatic, wise, wealthy, and invincible. He restores lost property and teaches logic and ethics. He reveals the powers of herbs and precious stones and has the power to make one invisible, have a long life, and to have charisma.


Forneus gives one a good reputation and teaches languages. He teaches all of the arts and sciences, including rhetoric, and can make one's enemies love him/her. He protects from evil doers.
Forneus is very kind and human friendly. He has a beautiful deep red robe like a king's robe, trimmed in white with black spots. He has black shoulder-length hair with bangs, an intense look, dark eyebrows, and piercing black eyes with olive skin. He also appears with a reptilian sea creature. He understands about the evil of enemy angels.
– High Priestess Maxine

Furcas pronounces his name "Fur-ACK-us"

Furcas teaches astrology, palmistry, and pyromancy [divination by fire]. He also teaches astronomy, philosophy, logic and rhetoric, brings peace of mind and dispels fear and timidity.
He is small, bald and looks like a Buddha. He has small white wings. He is very friendly.
– High Priestess Maxine


She incites love between a man and woman. She also causes thunder, lightening and wind. She bestows a love of battle and can reveal the secret thoughts of others. Furfur is a beautiful Demoness. She has silky white wings, with curly blonde hair and large blue eyes.


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