Eighteenth Key

The Eighteenth Key in English

O thou mighty light and burning flame of comfort
Which unveileth The glory of Satan
Unto the center of the earth,
In whom the great secrets of truth
Have their abiding that is called in thy kingdom
Strength through joy and is not to be measured.
Be thou a window of comfort unto me.
Move therefore and show yourselves!
Open the mysteries of your Creation!
Be friendly unto me!
For I am the servant of the same!
The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer
In glory and power exalted
Of the Kingdom of the South


The Eighteenth Key in Enochian

Ils micaolz olpirt od malprg bliore
Ds odo bvsd de Satan ovoars caosgo,
Casarmg micaolz cicles vooan brints
Cafafam ds i vmd a q londoh vgear de
Moz od maoffas. Bolp como bliort pambt.
Zacare ca od zamran!
Odo cicle qaa! Zorge!
Zir noco! Hoath Satan
Bvfd lonsh londoh babage


Eighteenth Key Enochian Pronunciation

EE-luh-suh   '   mee-kah-OH-luhts
OH-luh-PEE-ruh-tuh   '   OHD
MAH-luh-puh-ruh-jzhuh  '   buh-lee-OHR-ay
DAHSS   '   OH-doh   '   BUH-vuh-zuhd
DAY   '   SAY-TAN   '   oh-voh-AH-ruh-suh
kah-OHS-suh-goh,   '   kah-SAH-ruh-muhjzh
mee-kah-OH-luhts   '   KEE-kuh-lays
voh-OH-ahn   '   buh-REE-nuh-tuhs
kah-fah-FAHM   '   DAHSS   '   EE
VUH-MUHD   '   AH   '   KUH
LOH-nuh-doh   '   vuh-GAY-ahr
DAY   '   MAHTS   '   OHD
KOH-moh   '   buh-lee-OH-ruh-tuh
zah-KAH-ray   '   KAH   '   OHD
ZAH-muh-rahn!   '   OH-doh
KEE-kuh-lay   '   KAH-ah!
ZOR-ruh-jzhay!   '   ZEE-ruh
NOH-koh!   '   hoh-AH-tuh-huh
SAY-TAN   '   BUH-vuh-fuhd
LOH-nuh-suh   '   LOH-nuh-doh


© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457