Eighth Key

The Eighth Key in English

The mid-day, the fifth, is as
In the Duat, made of pillars
Of hyacinth, in whom the Elders
Are become strong which I have
Prepared for my own justice
Saith Satan; who liveth and reighneth
Forever. Rejoice! In the glory of
The dragon that is triumphant and
Everlasting! How many are there which
Remain in the glory of the earth
Which are and shall not see death
Until Jehova doth fall and
His followers doth sink? Come away!
For the thunders have roared!
Come away! For the temples
And robe of Satan shall be
Crowned and are no longer divided.
Come forth! Appear! Unto the terror
Of the Earth, and to our comfort
And of such as are prepared!


The Eighth Key in Enochian

Bazm, o, i ta a at,
Oln naz avabh, casarmg vran chis
Vgeg ds abramg baltim goho Satan;
Soba apila od bogpa gohed.
Chirlan! A bvsd de vovim
Ar i homtoh od gohed!
Irgil chis ds paaox i bvsd
De caosgo ds chis od ip
Vran teloah cacrg iad gnai loncho
Od fafen gnai carbaf? Niiso!
Bagle avavago yor! Niiso! Bagle siaion
Od mabsa de Satan trian momar
Od chis ripir poilp. Niis! Zamran!
Ciaofi caosgo, od bliors
Od corsi ta chis abramig!


The Eighth Key Enochian Pronunciation

BAH-zuhm,   '   OH,  '   EE   '   TAH   '   AH
DOO-waht,   '   OH-luhn   '   NAHZTS
ah-VAH-buh,   '   kuh-SAH-ruh-muhjzh
vuh-RAHN   '   kuh-HEES   '  vuh-GAYJZH
DAHSS   '   ah-buh-RAH-muhjzh
BAH-luh-teem   '   GO-ho   '   SAY-TAN;
ZOH-bah   '   ah-PEE-lah   '   OHD
BOH-guh-pah   '   GOH-hud.
kuh-HEE-ruh-lahn!   '   AH   '   BUH-vuh-zuhd
DAY   '   VOH-veem   '   AH-ruh   '   EE
HOH-muh-toh   '   OHD   '   GOH-hud!
EE-ruh-jzheel   '   kuh-HEES   '   DAHSS
pah-AH-ohx   '   EE   '   BUH-vuh-zuhd   '   DAY
kah-OHS-suh-goh   '   DAHSS  '  kuh-HEES
OHD  '  EEP  '  vuh-RAHN  '  tay-LOH-ah
KAH-kuh-ruhjzh   '   ee-YAHD   '  guh-NAH-ee
LOH-nuh-kuh-hoh   '   OHD   '   FAH-fayn
guh-NAH-ee   '   KAH-ruh-bahf?
BAH-guh-lay   '   ah-vah-VAH-goh
nee-EESS-oh   '   BAH-guh-lay
zee-AH-ee-ohn   '   OHD   '   MAH-buh-sah
DAY   '   SAY-TAN   '   tah-REE-ahn
MOH-mahr   '   OHD   '   kuh-HEES   '   REE-pee-ruh
nee-EESS!  '   ZAH-muh-rahn!
KEE-ah-OH-fee   '   kah-OHS-suh-goh,  '  OHD
Buh-lee-OH-rus   '   OHD   '   KOH-ruh-see   '   TAH
kuh-HEES   '   ah-buh-RAH-meejzh!


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Library of Congress Number: 12-16457