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Most Satanists know the Enochian Keys through the Satanic Bible, written by Anton Szandor LaVey. Many use the keys for Satanic ritual and prayer. Unbeknownst to most people, Anton LaVey never revised the keys in Enochian, though he changed many of the English words, but not all of them, to conform to Satanism.

For example:
Asha, Baeovib, Gahoachma, Iabes, Iad, Iadpil, Iadapiel, Iadanahe, Iaida, Iaidon, Idoian, Idoigo, Ioiad, L, Mad, Mada, Oiad, Piad, Zilodarp, Zirenaiad and many more are all the names/aliases of yaweh/jehova. These names are entirely left intact throughout the Satanic Bible in Enochian. So unbeknownst to most Satanists, reciting these keys in Enochian, one is praising and praying to the xian "God."

Several of the keys LaVey did not bother to alter in English either. For example:
The Fifth Key, page 186; at the end "Our Lord and Master is the All-One!" This is an alias of jehova "the all one." Satan's number is TWO. Page 192, bottom of the page:
"and the praise of your God in your creation." This phrase is rather blatant. This has never been changed from the original calls or in Enochian. Guess what it says? It sure does not imply Lord Satan in any way.

Page 204, the Eighth Key is very blasphemous:
"the dragon doth sink" The dragon is a sacred symbol of Satan and symbolizes the kundalini serpent within us all.

Page 252, "the God of stretch forth and conquer" is not Satan, but jehova. This is obvious in both the xian bible, where he personally directed the mass murder of millions with his bloody rampage following the encounter with the Hebrews in the desert. Zilodarp is his name in Enochian and is translated into "the god of stretch forth and conquer."

Page 258, "whose God is wrath in anger" everyone familiar with xianity knows about the "wrathful" xian god who is forever punishing and throwing curses at humanity.

Nearly every key in Enochian, LaVey left as is.

The Enochian keys were taken from the original Enochian calls. These 19 calls are intended to bring upon the Apocalypse/Armageddon and ensure the victory of the yaweh/jehova aliens and their ilk. Left as is, they are nothing more than praises to jehova and insulting blasphemies to Lord Satan. The keys on this website have been revised BOTH in English and in Enochian and reworded to blaspheme yaweh/jehova and praise Satan and ensure HIS victory.

The keys contain words of power, especially when vibrated syllable by sylable in Enochian. Given the revisions and the experiences that several of us have had with them, the JoS Ministry strongly advises any who uses these keys in ritual or in prayer, to have already performed the dedication ritual as they may otherwise be dangerous for the uninitiated.

To further add to the blasphemies against Satan with the keys in the Satanic Bible; the book "The Goetia; The Lesser Key of Solomon the King; Clavicula Salomonis Regis; translated by Samuel Liddell and MacGregor Mathers; edited with an introduction by Aleister Crowley; illustrated second edition" ' 1995, pp 97- 124, contains the petitions to yaweh/jehova and the enemy angels used to threaten and coerce the Demons of Satan into a triangle, using a nine foot circle and all of the enemy props. All of these are translated into Enochian, and all of the Enochian names of yaweh/jehova are contained therein. The Enochian names of this enemy alien god, used to abuse the Demons and blaspheme Satan are all intact within the Satanic Bible; praising him. This is how the enemy secretly infiltrates and creates a spiritual link. Through his spiritual link, the enemy can work destruction upon the practitioner.

Due to the length and effort that has gone into this project, I will not go into the details concerning the angelic visitations to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly who received the original translations from angels. I provided links for further study below.

In closing, I am aware of many people who mistakenly believe that Dee and Kelly were not visited by angels, but Demons. After studying the background in depth and having experienced revising the Enochian Keys, I am thoroughly convinced beyond any doubt; the visitors were not Demons, but angels.

I met with incessant obstacles while working on the keys and the worst of the problems came with the keys that contained the curses directed against jehova. I had inexplicable bad luck, power outages with no explanation that required me to redo work I had previously finished, computer problems, and many other unusual occurrences of a very negative nature. Others who are close to me and clergy members were affected as well.

Father Satan came to visit me a couple of times during the revisions and told me he was very pleased and this was long overdue. He also stated that most of us are unaware of the power of the keys.

Enochian is originally angel magick; used to summon angels. Below is a link for further study as to the background. I posted these are for educational purposes only. They have no connection to Satanism.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Internet Sacred Text Archive: Article on Enochian Magic


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