Freeing the Soul

With knowledge and power, one can supersede so-called "karma." We are all well aware of reincarnation, many of the people in your life, for good or ill, you have known before, especially family members. These relationships can last many lifetimes. Some of them have a negative effect on us and are destructive to our growth and wellbeing. The same negative relationship is repeated over and over, back and forth, in different ways, times and bodies.

The good news is, with the proper knowledge and taking appropriate action using this knowledge, we can remove these negative people from our lives; thus setting ourselves and the offending ones free from the control of the evil will of malignant powers.

To begin, enter into a trance and go back through your lifetime, as early as you can remember. Write down the persons involved in every negative/destructive relationship you have ever experienced in your life. Leave the positive/beneficial relationships out of this, as these are people we want to continue with.

Negative people can include parents and in many cases, siblings, relatives, schoolteachers, former friends, enemies, spouses, lovers, and/or people who have used you or harmed you in any lasting way, either physically or psychologically. Family relationships are the most powerful, this includes spouses and significant others.

Take your time with this exercise. You can always go back and add more names to the list as old memories surface. Negative karmic relationships are something we need to cut from our lives. Remember when you judge each relationship, that no relationship is perfect.

The most negative relationships will be obvious and you can soon go to work on them. If there is any serious repressed anger that cannot be dealt with, outside of retribution, then perform the appropriate revenge ritual/s. Get it over with in the here and now and be sure to vent everything. This will act as a cathartic and is very therapeutic. You will then be able to heal emotionally and psychologically.

It is best to perform the working during a waning Moon. This working should be done every single day from a full Moon to a new Moon to ensure it will be effective. Workings done only once, are rarely very effective unless one has exceptional power and/or the stars are in very favorable positions, which is rare. The Moon should *NOT* be in the signs of Cancer, or Libra, nor should it be void of course.

Others attach themselves to your soul via strands resembling those with astral projection. They are NOT all "silver," as most popular books lead people to believe. I have seen gold and bronze colored strands and there may be even more colors, so assume nothing. Perform the Detaching exercise to remove these ties.

Make good and sure, the other person (as well as yourself) is completely sealed off when you remove the attachment. Don't try to do more than one person per session. Start with the worst individuals, living or deceased. If you don't know whether they are dead or alive, it doesn't matter. When you are finished, clean your aura.

Different people are best dealt with each with different sessions. At the end, you should feel lighter, freer and at peace. Thank Father Satan at the end of each session. He is the one who brings us the knowledge we need to be free.

Relationships can be as addictive as drugs and alcohol. These types can be extremely difficult to get rid of and detach from. You must be 100% sure you want to let go. I have seen in many cases, there is often a need in the victim, where the other person attaches, such as one who is lonely and vulnerable and then the wrong person comes along and attaches [often unknowingly] and a love obsession can develop.

If the above is the case, it is best to try to work on programming your mind and soul to be free of the person first. This can be done by stating affirmations such as "I am totally and completely free from [person's name] in every way." "All of my emotions and feelings for [name of person] are completely and permanently gone." You can do both the detaching and affirmation meditations at the same time, but you have to make sure you WANT to let go, otherwise this can be a waste of time.

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Using Words of Power - Freeing the Soul



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