Satanic Hypnosis

Satanic Hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis that is extremely effective. With standard self-hypnosis, one enters into a trance and makes repeated affirmations to modify behavior. With Satanic hypnosis, one breathes in the energy of a specific color that corresponds to the desired goal. The results are much more extensive and powerful than just plain self-hypnosis. With Satanic hypnosis, we work with our aura.

Here is an example of Satanic hypnosis:

Say you want to attract money:
Breathe in as you would for the Energy Meditation; from all sides of your body at the same time, the color gold. A bright, rich vibrant gold, like the sun. This should be done while in as deep as a trance as possible. While breathing in the green and brightening your aura with it affirm:
"I am breathing in powerful energy that is attracting me a lot of free and easy money in a very positive way. This money is free and all mine to keep."

Say this several times with intent while you breathe in the gold. Gold is the color of money and riches, not green. Green is the color of currency in certain countries, but gold is the color of real riches behind all currencies. It really works, but has to be done every several days to keep the money coming.

Afterwards, breathe in vibrant white light to balance your aura for several breaths.

Please Click here for a PDF copy of Money Spells


Say you want to lose weight:
You would want to use sky blue to speed up your metabolism and affirm:
"I am breathing in blue energy that is speeding up my metabolism in a healthy way and causing me to lose excess body fat."
You have to repeat this several times anywhere from 5-10 and continue breathing in the blue energy. This will have to be done daily until you see results and repeated whenever necessary.

Always make sure you say "in a positive" or "in a healthy" way. Mind workings always take the easiest route and you don't want to get thin through disease or obtain money through the insurance claim form the loss of a loved one. Be sure to cover all your bases when working with your mind.

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