The Number Seven

Ancient spiritual texts, along writings about Enochian magick, all emphasize the number seven. The number seven has to do with the seven major chakras of the soul; the powerhouses of the soul. Without these seven chakras, one cannot live. Animals also have seven major chakras along their spine. This is why there is so much emphasis on the number seven in many ancient spiritual texts and the false and corrupted scriptures of the Judeo/Christian Bible.

Because of centuries of ignorance due to the destruction of spiritual knowledge, most people know nothing about these all-important points of the soul. The enemy has worked to seal them. When the chakras are closed, one only uses a very small percentage of one's brain and mind power. Most people are only operating at 5 % of their total capacity. This has held humanity back thousands of years. When the chakras are not fully open and functioning correctly, the serpent cannot ascend. The serpent has always been synonymous with wisdom.

The seven chakras correspond to the visible light spectrum. The soul needs light and is made of light. Science and true spirituality work together and complement one another. This is the reason why the Christian Church has always attacked, and worked to destroy science, and scientific knowledge in every way it can. This has not only held humanity back in the area of technology, but has also held us back spiritually.

Nearly everything spiritual focuses on the raising of the serpent. The number seven, the "144, 000," which are the nadis of the soul, the attainment of wisdom, and knowledge, the "tree of life" which is a map of the human soul [the trunk symbolizing the spine, with the branches symbolizing the pathways that the life-force of the soul circulates, and the leaves and fruits being food for the developed soul]; all of these pertain to the achievement of both physical and spiritual perfection and immortality.

The enemy works relentlessly to keep humanity damned. There is no secret of just how much "Jesus" HATES us all. Through a lack of knowledge, ignorance, and neglect of the soul, and adhering to the lies and corrupted spiritual knowledge that has been force fed to nearly everyone, humanity is damned to death and to repeating the same mistakes over and over through eternity. You cannot take the knowledge you have learned with you when you reincarnate. When one is born, one forgets everything. Satan shows us the way out of all of this unnecessary and sadistic suffering.

Though "Jesus" and "Jehova" are both fictitious invented archetypes, the human-hating aliens behind this vicious hoax are indeed real. The Nazarene was invented to keep humanity spiritually enslaved and damned. The deluded followers of the heinous doctrine of Christianity, instead of working to advance their souls, they completely neglect them, focusing on "Jesus Saves" which is a total lie. The soul you save is your own. "Jesus" is nothing more than a deception and distraction that works to keep humanity from advancing in every way. Everything in Christianity and its cohort Islam is designed to keep followers ignorant of spiritual knowledge so that they can never achieve immortality or any spiritual power to determine their own fate. They remain damned as slaves, and suffer from lifetime to lifetime. When one's soul is opened and empowered, one can see beforehand the results of one's actions, how one's actions will affect others and so forth. Christians and others who adhere to the Nazarene hoax remain unaware, and through this lack of awareness, endlessly commit offenses and worse against others. The truth is "JESUS" HATES YOU!

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