Subliminal Messages in The Movies

The 1973 movie, 'The Exorcist' is a blatant example of using scare tactics to keep people away from Satan. Not only are scare tactics used, but also the subliminal messages contained in the movie are numerous to add to the fear. This movie was in direct response to the 1968 hit 'Rosemary's Baby' which portrayed Satan in a somewhat positive light.

Of course, the opening scene takes place in Iraq where Satan and the other Original Gods had many temples. Then, the Ouija Board scene- the message here is that Ouija Boards are dangerous. This is another attempt to keep people from communicating with the Original Gods who wish to help humanity. By keeping people isolated from the real Gods, the lie of Christianity can advance unimpeded and keep everyone enslaved.

There is the scene where 12 year old Regan comes bounding down the stairs in a back bridge position [a direct attack on yoga] and of course the contortion which supposedly manifested from the possession. Then, there is the levitation scene. The subliminal message here is to stay away from yoga. The movie goes on and pretty soon we have the guy with the broken neck. Of course his head is turned facing backwards. Everything *IS* backwards, but the enemy sure doesn't want humanity to wake up to that fact so more fear tactics are used.

The movie 'Spellbinder' is another one. Spiritual gifts such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and others are portrayed as evil. Along with this, adding to the subliminal messages, there is the new age music playing in the background. The message here is to stay away from spiritual power at all costs.

'Bless The Child' does another number. Here, the retarded are held in high esteem, as is with the Christian churches. Christianity values a lack of intelligence in order to keep perpetuating their ludicrous lies and idiocy. The politically correct system calls the mentally handicapped 'special.' What a joke! In other words- don't bother to think or use your brain. If this is the case, then everyone should damage their brain so the entire world could be 'special.' The more stupid, the better. Intelligent, thinking people are never perfect slaves. Stupidity, ignorance and illiteracy all factor in with creating a perfect slave state and the people who promote these lies know this.

Another recurring theme in most movies centering around Satan is the subliminal message that justice is wrong. Don't fight back; let enemies do as they please and so forth. Satan stands for and represents justice. Without justice, civilization falls into chaos and corruption runs rampant and takes over. All personal liberties are then lost and entire nations become slave states. The psychology here is to let crime get so out of control that the unknowing populace falls into the trap of literally begging for harsh laws where everyone's civil liberties and freedoms will be taken away. Unknowing people gladly give these up in exchange for total crack down on crime. Mass murders then follow and all freedoms are lost. Satan stands for personal liberty, freedom and justice.

The sorry list goes on and on. The underlying message is and always has been- Don't empower yourself!

By empowering ourselves, we are no longer slaves to the enemy. Satan detests slavery and servitude, so they have to keep people away from him at all costs.


© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457