More Tips for Teens

I have received plenty private e-mails from young people who live at home with parents or others who would literally have a stroke if they found out these kids are Satanists. This article is also for others who need to keep their beliefs secret.

Father Satan states in the Black Book we are to keep his secrets. For those under 18, many of you are forced to go to church and/or participate in Christian ceremonies. Father Satan understands and knows you are not free because you are under 18. When one is 18 or over age 18, in the USA, one is a legal adult and this is a different matter.

For those who are under 18, when forced to go to church, just concentrate on Father Satan. Don't take part in any of the prayers. If you are forced to take the communion host, you can hold it in your mouth, ask to use the restroom and spit it in the toilet.

Read sermons and positive writings about Satan every day as this will help you in many ways in the face of oppression.

As for those over 18 in the USA, you have the legal right to do your own thing. You can politely refuse anything they try to push on you. Once you are 18, you are acting on your own choice and this is a different matter. Satanists are strong and unless the consequences are serious or life threatening, one should openly refuse. In situations during the holidays, to keep the peace one can just remain silent if others insist on praying. You can also pray silently to Satan.

Once you become really strong in Satan, Christian symbols, prayers and related become unbearable and literally sickening. This is because of a heightened awareness where we can sense all of the negative and destructive energy in them. Christians also feel a sense of extreme unease and even have a horror when being near Satanic symbols, as Satanic and Christian energies are enemies of each other.

Remember, Christianity is a false religion with a false god. In truth, Christianity is really a program and not a religion, as there is nothing spiritual about it. Once you really know the truth, Christianity will have no power over you.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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