Dealing With Unwanted Entities

When we open ourselves to astral, there can be times when we experience unwelcome intruders. People who are impressionable, emotional, and overly sensitive can have these problems more than the average.

A strong mind and the ability to banish thoughts are important. All of us should have the ability to defend ourselves psychically, if necessary. Sometimes strong unwanted encounters and influences can come from other human beings. Christian prayers and thought forms directed at us, can make us feel ill at ease, cause us confusion (especially for those who are new) and throw us psychically off balance. Knowing the source of unwanted influences is a formidable part in defending ourselves. I also want to add here regarding relics. Many popular Hollywood films depict Satanists and others having a strong aversion to Christian images and relics. This again is nothing but Judeo/Christian tactics at it again. I can assure you, Christians have every bit as much an aversion to Satanic relics as well. This is because on both sides, the energies are very opposed to each other and they conflict.

Spirits can be unwelcome intruders. Unlike other religions, Satanism exposes us to many different experiences, so that we may become strong, knowledgeable, independent, and confident in our own abilities. Outsiders who have little or no experience with the astral are completely at the mercy of any entities they may encounter, because of a lack of knowledge, preparation, and experience.

Having a strong mind is of extreme importance in *any* dealings with the spirit world, being able to banish unwanted thoughts at will and having control over emotions. Any weaknesses can be exploited by an unwanted entity with more power. Being able to cut someone or something completely off, at will in one's mind is the first step in psychic self-defense. Unwanted entities feed off fear and our giving them our attention. It is important to focus our minds elsewhere and totally ignore unwanted or bothersome entities. Without a steady supply of psychic energy, nearly all will leave.

Void meditation should be done every single day. This can be done anywhere, anytime. Just empty your head of all thoughts and concentrate on the here and now. Impressionable people who live in their own fantasy worlds and dreamers have the highest risks for psychic intrusion along with an inability to effectively deal with it. This also includes those who abuse mind-altering substances.

When a link is established, it is a psychic feeding line for the intruder entity. With unwanted entities, the link forms where one is weakest. This can be fear, loneliness, a lack of knowledge or any other area where one is insecure. Now, I am talking about *unwanted* intruders, *not* Demons or entities with whom we have a healthy spiritual relationship. Since all spiritual relationships thrive on interaction and emotion, the way to deal with an unwelcome entity is to completely cut it off and starve it of any and all psychic energy.
In addition, if you pretend to yourself that the spirit does not exist and refuse to respond to it in any way, it will wither away. This may take days or weeks, but indifference is the most effective weapon against spirit intruders, they will eventually leave.

Other effective methods of psychic self-defense include grounding oneself. Get physical, indulge yourself physically, watch something funny and lighthearted on the TV, and just turn your mind away from magick and the occult for a while. It is also a good thing to meet with friends- anything to focus on the physical world and forget the astral. When our minds are preoccupied and focused on something of interest, even the most determined spirit will have a hard time getting through. Avoid right side of the brain activities, like listening to music, artwork, video games, and mentally drifting.

Being adept at controlling thoughts, emotions, and minds is very important if you ever wish to invoke spirits as a medium and let them speak through you. You control the spirit; you are in charge, not the spirit. When I am finished invoking a spirit and letting it speak through me to others, I turn it off completely.

Over the past several years, I have come under attacks from angels frequently, given I am directly involved in spiritual warfare. I experienced quite an ordeal when freeing the Demons as this took several months and angels would harass me, at times relentlessly. They would attack me, even physically, beating on my legs in the middle of the night. When things got real bad, I called on my Guardian Demon who had been freed and he chased them away. I never conversed with any of them, in spite of their threats and at times, there were some who even tried to bribe me. I would only respond to them with "You are wasting your time." This was all I would ever say.

When we got started in freeing the Demons, a few were extremely desperate and tried to bribe me into freeing them immediately. The energy drain was intense as we connected our souls to the souls of the Demons and transferred our life force at the chakras. I told them that I only take orders from Satan and they would have to go through him, according to the order he wanted them to be freed. I just stayed extremely focused. The others who worked with me on this project experienced a lot of the same.

In closing, one of our High Priests had experiences with Greys. He related that the energy and mind power these buggers have is monstrous and they are on the warpath. He survived them because he is highly adept. Remember, if anything ever gets beyond your control- call upon Satan himself or your Guardian Demon. The above situation is rare. Those of us who are the biggest threat to the enemy are the most attacked by them.

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