The universe has hierarchies of beings that stem from the source of creation.

As the universe is layered, so are its creatures. Higher and lower.

Everyone is included, and nobody is excluded from this law: in some hierarchies, one excels, and in others, one might be last.

Refusal of hierarchy is essentially a refusal of life itself.

In some hierarchies, we might not belong, in others, we might join in the future: But we all belong in the Hierarchy of Life.

Currently, man is here in the hierarchy: above the earthly soil or the animals and beasts of burden.

And so man gloats boastfully against those beneath him in ignorance and violence, for his soul is detached from the World Soul, which would help him observe the hierarchy of order.

But man stands in the middle of this dimension -- above him hover greater dreams.

Above him are the Heroes, the Demons, and the Gods.

And beneath him, the deadly abyss of returning back to becoming only soil.

Choose where you will turn your head to and which part of the hierarchy you want to belong in: but be careful – for we still have feet and not wings.



“O Master Beelzebul,

You organized all existence in your Great Design,

You made us all Smaller and Bigger,

Higher and Lower,

In Earth or in Heaven,

You are the Manifested Creator,

The Divine Architect!”

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