Fifth Key

The Fifth Key in English

The mighty sounds have entered into
The fourth angle and are become
As deliverers of Lord Satan's Providence,
Bringing forth strength and understanding dwelling
In the firmaments as continual comforters;
Unto whom I fastened pillars
Of gladness 666, and gave them
Vessels to water the earth
With all her creatures;
And they are the sons and
Daughters of Satan. Of the first
And the second and the beginning
Of their own seats which are garnished
With continual burning lamps whose numbers
Are as the beginning, the ends
And the contents of time.
Therefore! Come ye and appear to your creation!
Visit us in peace and comfort
Conclude us receivers of your mysteries, for why?
We worship Satan/Lucifer in all his glory,


The Fifth Key in Enochian

Sapah zimii sdiv od noas obelisong
De Satan's yarry, iolcam vgear od
Gmicalzoma praf calz tablior;
Casarm amipzi naz arth mian,
Od dlvgar zizop zlida caosgi
Toltorgi od z chis nor od
Pasbs de Satan. Talo od taviv
Od croodzi de thild ds chis
Gnonp peoal cormfa chis croodzi vls
Od q cocasb ca! Niis od zacar
Qaas! Fetharsi od bliora ozazma ednas
Cicles bagle? Ge boalvah Satan bvsd,


The Fifth Key Enochian Pronunciation

ZAH-pah     zee-MEE-EE
zuh-DEEV     OHD     NOH-AHSS
oh-bay-lee-ZOH-nuh-jzhuh     DAY
SAY-TAN'S     YAH-ruh-ruh-ee,
ee-OH-luh-kahm     vuh-GAY-ahr     OHD
guh-MEE-kah-luh-ZOH-mah     puh-RAHFF
KAH-luhts     TAH-buh-lee-ohr;
kuh-SAH-ruhm     ah-MEE-puh-zee
NAHTS     ah-RUH-tuh     MEE-ahn,
OHD     duh-luh-vuh-JZHAHR
ZEET-sohp     zuh-LEE-dah
kah-OHS-su-jzhee     toh-luh-TOH-ruh-jzhee;
OHD     ZEE     kuh-HEES     NOH-ray
OHD     PAHSS-uh-bus     DAY     SAY-TAN.
TAH-loh     OHD     tah-VEEV     OHD
kuh-ROH-ohd-zee     DAY     tu-HEE-luhd
DAHSS     kuh-HEES     guh-NOH-nuhp
pay-OH-ahl     KOH-ruh-muh-fah
kuh-HEES     kuh-ROH-ohd-zee
KAH!     nee-EESS     OHD
ZAH-kahr     KAH-AHSS!
OHD     buh-lee-OH-rah     oh-ZAH-tsuh-mah
AY-duh-nahss     KEE-kuh-lays     BAH-guh-lay?
JZHAY     boh-AH-luh-vah     SAY-TAN
BUH-vuh-zuhd,     GOH-hud!


© Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457