Sixth Key

The Sixth Key in English

The spirits of the fourth angle
Are nine, mighty in the firmament
Of waters; whom the second hath
Planted as a torment to Jehova,
And a garland to the sons
And daughters of Satan,
Giving them fiery darts to winnow
The earth and nine continual workmen
Whose courses visit with comfort,
The earth, and are in government
And continuance. Hearken to my voice!
I have talked of you and
I move you in power and presence
You, whose works shall be
A song of honor
And the praise of Satan in your creation!

The Sixth Key in Enochian

Gah de sdiv chis em,
Micalzo pilzin de sobam;
Casarm taviv harg ta mir iad,
Od obloc nore od pasbs
De Satan, dlvgar malprg ar caosga
Od em canal sobol zar fbliard
Caosga, od chis netaab od miam.
Solpeth bien! Brita od zacam
Gmicalzo sobha vavn trian lviahe
Od ecrin de Satan qaaon!

The Sixth Key Enochian Pronunciation

GAH     DAY     suh-DEEV     kuh-HEES
AYM,     mee-KAH-luh-zoh     pee-luht-SEEN
DAY     ZOH-bahm;     kuh-SAH-ruhm     tah-VEEV
HAH-ruhjzh     TAH
MEE-ruh     ee-YAHD,
OHD     OH-buh-lohk     NOH-ray     OHD
PAHSS-uh-bus     DAY     SAY-TAN,
duh-luh-vuh-JZHAHR     MAH-luh-pah-rah-jzhah
AH-ruh     kah-OHS-suh-gah     OHD     AYM
ZOH-bohl     ZAH-ruh     fuh-buh-LEE-ah-ruhd
OHD     kuh-HEES     NAY-tah-ahb     OHD
zol-luh-PAY-tuh-huh     BEE-ayn!
buh-REE-tah     OHD     ZAH-kahm
guh-mee-KAH-luh-zoh     ZOH-buh-hah
VAH-vuhn     tah-REE-ahn     luh-VEE-ah-hay     OHD
AY-kuh-reen     DAY     SAY-TAN     kah-AH-ohn!


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