"The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

This is an open letter to the public, namely Christians. In order to really know truth, you must become acquainted with both sides without prejudice. The Christian Churches have worked overtime to keep humanity horrified of and as far from the one known as “The Devil” for centuries. The truth is because they have plenty to hide and this involves where your soul will be going. The truth is these Churches have been abusing occult power for centuries and this is the foundation of their power and their wealth. Your spiritual ignorance depends upon it. Due to centuries of systematically destroying knowledge, the Christian Churches have been at liberty to dictate what Satan and Satanism are all about, and with their wealth, power and control of the media, they have silenced any opposition.

The movie, "The Possession of Emily Rose" is another scare tactic by the Catholic Church and the alleged true story behind it is a horrific example of Christian Ritual Abuse, which is alarmingly prevalent, but like the recent exposé of the rampant pedophilia, these have been suppressed by the media, given the wealth, power, and control of the Christian Churches. The victims of choice are children and young people.

It is claimed the victimized girl’s knees ruptured “due to the 600 genuflections she performed obsessively during the daily exorcism.” The Catholic “genuflection” was stolen from the Ancient Egyptians. This can be seen in the hieroglyphics and the truth be known, everything in the Christian religion has been stolen and corrupted from religions predating it by hundreds to thousands of years from all over the world.

I am a High Priestess of Satan and I am very close to the one known as "Satan." I know Satan and his Demons as real beings. I also happen to know Satan is our True Creator God and I can prove it if one takes the time to read along and study the material provided by links at the bottom of this article.

Allegations of "possession" are always directed at Satan. Upon closer examination and evidence from those of us who are close to Satan and have been Satanists for many years, we can state with confidence the one the Christian Churches call "The Devil" has nothing to do with “possession” whatsoever. As a matter of fact, if one would think with a clear head and apply some logic, it becomes very evident who is really behind it all. In addition, that movie was chock full of subliminal messages to frighten people.

Everything that the Christians accuse the "Devil" of, is really of their own God.

For more information Jehova: "A Murderer and a Liar from the Beginning" This article contains many biblical scriptures that prove this. Because Christians and Muslims are under a powerful spell, most cannot see this.

Let us examine some key points of the movie:

The reason for the possession in the movie was for "God" to let humanity "know we have a spiritual side." Ok, now what kind of way is this to let anyone know they have a spiritual side?? Everything in the Christian religion smacks of negativity: fear, terror, physical mutilation, ignorance, unknowing, cannibalism [Jesus is the subliminal living blood sacrifice. For proof of this, please click here] and the petrified human is left helpless, unknowing, and told he/she "must suffer." In truth, human-hating aliens are behind this.

I would also like to add upon studying the planetary positions [I am a professional astrologer] in this now deceased young woman's date of birth, she was at extremely high risk for mental illness and irrational fears with a very pronounced Neptune; Saturn/Neptune conjunction, exact Venus/Neptune conjunction and other astrological factors that contributed. Anneliese Michel was not a stable personality and given her life-long intense indoctrination with Catholicism, it is not surprising these problems came to the surface. She was very vulnerable and a perfect victim.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Spiritual Satanism, Satan shows us we have a spiritual side through power meditation and knowledge in a positive sense. This is true spirituality. The spiritualism in Christianity is false. Christianity, namely the Catholic Church has been a powerful tool to remove all spiritual knowledge from the populace and replace it with practices and legends that have been stolen, twisted, and defiled from other religions around the world that existed from hundreds to thousands of years preceding it. This is a fact and with enough research it has been proven. The goal is and always has been to keep spiritual knowledge in the hands of a “chosen” few who run the world and feel they are entitled to be God. [See reference links at the bottom of this article].

Those of us who are close to Satan and refuse to worship the false gods of the Koran and the Bible, fear nothing. We also have the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual authority to deal with psychic attacks and to know where they are coming from.

Satan who is the True Creator of humanity, gives us the power, self-confidence, and the strength to be resistant against such things. Those aliens who represent the false “God” idly stand by and sadistically watch the utter horror and torment of their hated ones- innocent human beings. These entities cannot hide their true character from those of us who have opened our spiritual centers and can see. Everything they are and do is ugly and negative. The “Virgin Mary” appeared to the girl in the movie and sadistically encouraged her to suffer. These human-hating degenerate beings sadistically prey upon innocent children. Right here, even for the most stupid of deceived idiots, this should be a warning.

Now, logically, think for a minute about this so-called "possession." What is the objective of so-called "Demonic possession"? What does this accomplish? What would this sort of thing accomplish for Satan and his Demons? This sort of thing has left people so frightened of Satan; few have ever been able to know him without prejudice.

On the other hand, it is plainly clear what this does for the Christian Church. This sort of thing spreads terror and that terror is based upon the spiritual ignorance and helplessness of the majority of humanity. The Catholic Church mass murdered, and tortured to death millions of innocent human beings in the Inquisition, who had spiritual knowledge, and burned and completely destroyed hundreds of libraries where spiritual knowledge was kept. Some of this is hoarded in the Vatican Library of which certain sections are only open to the top Catholic clergy at the top. Christianity and Islam are preparations for communism. Communism [a total slave state] has tortured, mass-murdered and destroyed hundreds of millions of lives and in truth, is no different from the Christian programs. Of course, both are controlled and promoted by the same identifiable people and pretend to be against each other…enemies. This works very well and most people are deceived by it. If one looks closer, one will see the endless similarities between the two.

With using such scare tactics as in the above, this furthers the enemy agenda.

1. Lukewarm Christians and others who do not regularly practice are frightened into returning to church on a regular basis and this gives the churches more material wealth and power and above all, the psychic energy they need to channel into their goals of enslaving the world.

2. Spiritual power is kept in the hands of a few to the detriment of all. The Jesuits who run the Vatican, unbeknownst to the average Christian are fully capable of spiritually harming another human being, especially their own devout Catholics who tie into the beliefs [sympathetic magick]. This order is adept when it comes to black magick and the average person is helpless against it. This is shown through all of the wealth and power they have. Protestants enjoy pointing the finger at the Catholic Church, yet they refuse to look at their own who are every bit as guilty and tie into the same lies in the bible [a book comprised of corrupted material stolen from religions around the world predating it], and upon close examination is a hoax infused with occult power with a very sinister objective for those who believe in it. This is a classic case of sympathetic magick where a connection must be made at some level. The connection to the original religions is in everyone's racial memory. Satan, who is our True Creator God, does not contradict himself.

3. They forever rant and rave how “The Devil deceives and is the ‘Master of Lies’” yet for any scam to be successful, the victim/s must be unknowing on some level. Spiritual knowledge comes from Satan. Christian Priests and ministers alike are lost as to giving answers and solutions to many problems that face humanity. In contrast, Spiritual Satanists have the ability to heal themselves and loved ones, astral project their souls at will [this enables one to navigate the astral and be familiar with it so upon death, he/she will neither be lost nor spiritually helpless], obtain the necessities and comforts of life through power meditation, to spot spiritual problems and to heal them in him/herself and others. Satan has given us knowledge of the anatomy of the soul and how to maintain the soul and keep it healthy so problems like the above never happen.

4. These are gifts from Satan who is our true God and Creator. There is nothing spiritual about the Christian churches. Christians are under a powerful spell of catastrophic proportions and those who do not wake up will face their own damnation through a lack of knowledge.

It is sad they picked upon Belial and accused him of such things in that film. Belial has done much to help those who are under his protection and guidance to advance spiritually. Belial would never allow a disciple of his to suffer needlessly and when a dedicated Satanist is in trouble spiritually [yes, we get attacked by the same angels who are behind these possessions that are blamed upon Demons] other Demons and at times even Satan himself will come to the aid of the victimized human and see to it no harm comes to him/her.

In closing, the Demons were bound for centuries. Anneliese Michel (the real name of “Emily Rose” was supposedly “possessed” in 1968. I can reassure you the Demons including Belial were bound and it was not until very recently were they released. I know because I was involved in releasing them. Only now are they able to come forward and defend themselves and reveal the truth to those who will listen. It is said “In the end, the truth will come out and many will want to join on at the last minute, but it will be too late.”

Read on and learn the truth before it is too late...

- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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