The False Teachings of Modern Yoga

As Satanists, we are all well aware that good and evil have been inverted by the enemy. The teachings of the Christianity and its related religions are chock full of spiritual abuses and suicidal advice in order to create easy victims.

Most victims are ignorant of the truth. Knowledge is power. Most eastern teachings have one sole purpose- to enslave. The few, who have knowledge concerning the workings of the mind for the past several centuries, have perverted and abused spirituality in order to keep and maintain power.

When we access altered states with our minds, through meditation or even involuntarily, and when we go to sleep, our brain waves slow down. In this state, we can access the astral and we become very open to suggestions.

Those who are without and adhere to the behavioral shaping teachings of yoga, Wicca, and other metaphysical disciplines are opening themselves up to the worst kind of victimization. They condition their minds to be receptive, more so than the average person. With the doctrines advocating destruction of the ego, the absence of desire, rejection of materialism and the physical self, and adherence to unhealthy dietary laws, these people are just waiting to be enslaved and programmed by the enemy.

When one is not grounded, one is just waiting to be controlled, manipulated, and made into a slave. Subliminal messages, media mass mind control and other influences have a ready victim, easily manipulated. Rejection of the material leaves all of the money and material wealth in the hands of a few, without having to lift a finger. The people who believe and do what they are told screw themselves.

The teachings of reincarnation have been perverted and distorted in order to make life meaningless, with unquestioning obedience, self-denial (while those in power get richer); the message is don't fight back, just be the perfect slave. Many, these days, are into the disciplines of yoga. Anyone who is aware of the science of criminal hypnosis, as the special agencies of the world powers are knowledgeable in mind control, knows they are creating an army of mindless robots, absent of desire and under their control. These people open up their minds to all kinds of influences and suggestions, work at eliminating their personalities and everything else that makes them human and know nothing of how to use the power they work at obtaining, leaving it as a tool to destroy themselves, as it is undirected.

Only through Satan, can we obtain the knowledge to make full use of our powers. We must remain grounded and down to earth, while we work to empower ourselves. By empowering ourselves as a spiritual/physical unit, our will, our individuality, our desires, our egos, our personalities, we obtain the benefits of the exercises, while others are misled down a false road.

There are tons of books sold and thousands of websites, almost all of them promote the abuse of spirituality; turning those who mindlessly believe these perverted teachings into victims of their own making. The end product is the mindless, robotic slave who is a lost soul.

Yoga means “union” and its origins are Satanic. The spiritual cannot exist without the physical and visa versa. What the enemy is teaching is not true yoga. Without desire and will, one is nothing. Yoga is a threat to the enemy as it endows practitioners with spiritual and physical power. Because it cannot be completely suppressed, the enemy works to control it with false teachings for those who practice, and for those who don’t, there are powerful subliminal messages to frighten the ignorant away.

A blatant example was in the movie “The Exorcist.”

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